The HEALTHTAC® series of events focuses on the unique needs of healthcare executives from the aging services industry (senior/assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing/rehabilitation centers, and the like).

Successful pioneers of practical and progressive strategies discuss key challenges, interests, and relevant market developments during the educational sessions designed to help drive high-impact innovation and transformation to tackle emerging issues facing the healthcare industry. Gain insight and perspective from thought leaders to learn new strategies and best practices.

HEALTHTAC® is the “Gold Standard” of personalized custom meeting style events. HEALTHTAC has produced exceptional events over the years offering the ultimate in relationship-building in a “live” or virtual environment. This invitation-only event provides a forum for prominent executives to strategically connect with peers and solution providers to build powerful alliances that can be of immediate value as well as long into the future.

HEALTHTAC® is a 2+ day in-person event, focused on building life-long relationships with industry executives in a relaxed atmosphere while accomplishing more than you ever thought possible. This event includes three receptions, seven sit-down event meals, educational sessions, relationship-building activities, and one-on-one uninterrupted meetings.

Customer Praise

"In the past five years, I have never taken this much time to step away from my business to participate in an immersion event like this that allowed me to focus on improving my business. I learned so much from the suppliers in the speed meetings."

- Jeremy Cole
CEO, Blake Management Group

"HEALTHTAC is a premier event in the senior living industry that brings together providers and suppliers to facilitate discussion to help drive change in the industry while creating a unique experience to build lasting relationships."

- Gary Jones
Vice President of Sales, vcpi

"Loved the interaction between fellow operators and vendors who share the love to take care of Senior Housing of today and into the future!"

- Maura Feaheny
Vice President of Development and Strategy, Charter Senior Living

"My first HEALTHTAC Conference was inspiring and motivating. From listening to industry experts share experiences to the time allotment and structure to engage with new vendors the event was highly beneficial."

- Amy Birkel
Vice President, Heritage Communities

"We created memories and business that will last a lifetime. This professionally constructed, innovative event provided cutting edge conversation and content, strategic sourcing of data and information and unforgettable networking!"

- Michael Holtzclaw
Chief Strategy Officer, EnVeritas Group

"I can’t wait to get back and tell my team there’s something bigger and better. There are solutions here that we haven’t explored. It has been an eye-opener."

- Camille Burke
VP & Chief Development Officer, Essex Corporation

"I met 50 people I know I’ll talk to again. How much time would it take me to develop those kinds of relationships? I was impressed with the high caliber of attendees wanting to collaborate—CEOs, other leaders, suppliers. This was time well spent, very productive."

- Marc Vorkapich
Principal, CEO, Watercrest Senior Living Group

"The HEALTHTAC experience was a valuable one. The event was well organized, and speaker/panel discussions on innovation presented broad perspectives for new products, services and strategies that will help drive the senior living industry forward."

- Craig Hanson
CEO, Omega Senior Living

"Great event, I was able to meet with 24 potential vendor partners in 2 days. Normally that could take 3-4 months to coordinate schedules. I had some very meaningful conversations with colleagues and most likely have formed 3-4 strong potential partnerships."

- Joseph Jasmon
CEO/Managing Partner, AHMG

"HEALTHTAC provides an opportunity for industry trailblazers and innovators to exchange ideas, successes, and stories.  In only a few short days, the wealth of knowledge exchanged is priceless; and, what was a room full of strangers on day one transforms into a room full of Industry Family by day three. The chemistry amongst the attendees made me feel I have known them for years as strategic partners and friends, and left me hoping that I would know them for many years to come!"

- Philip Roush
Director, Strategic Accounts, Allbridge

"The panel discussions were engaging. The speakers were well prepared and thoughtful in their presentations. Every 15-minute meeting with vendors was useful to my business. I would enthusiastically recommend HEALTHTAC to other senior living providers who want to make authentic connections, build relationships in the industry, and grow their business in strategic ways."

- Debra Maynard
President of Operations, Prime Independent Living

"It’s better to have 20 meaningful discussion than 200 flybys at a traditional trade show."

- Joe Sultan
CEO, Chilewich

"HEALTHTAC was fabulous. So many great activities and ideas shared. The individual meetings allowed for connections that would take both operator and supplier months to conduct. Thank you HEALTHTAC. This was definitely the best conference we’ve attended in the senior housing space and recommend it to anyone."

- Dan Phelps
Senior Vice President, ServingIntel

"It was an impactful experience to be part of the HEALTHTAC think tank—to improve the lives of associates, residents and families that all of us serve. Providers and partners came together to discuss challenges, opportunities to solve and improve the experience for all."

- Sara Terry
Senior Vice President, Brookdale Senior Living

"I left with a full head of inspiration, new thinking and excitement for the relationships deepened and created over the last few days. I was impressed with the caliber of attendees. As a student of exciting technology, I found the vendor discussions rich and engaging. HeartLegacy, Touchtown, Enquirer, Eversound ... these guys are an example of the future of technology’s impact in this space. Thank you for this terrific experience."

- Gregory Anderson
Senior Vice President, Northbridge Advisory Services

"HEALTHTAC was a show-stopper of an event. Informative, engaging and set in beautiful surroundings in an intimate but first-rate facility."

- Angela Norris
SVP, Business Development, StoneGate Senior Living

"I have never attended a conference so well organized and carefully focused on both the supplier and operators experience. The time and attention that is put into ensuring that delegate needs are met and exceeded is truly impressive. From the pre-conference support team, venue selection, integrity of the matching, the clear expectation of full participation by all attendees - it all leads to a rich experience with definitive outcomes. The organizers of this conference have a far bigger vision than just showcasing suppliers to operators. They focus on networking, relationship-building and beneficial outcomes, which makes the difference!"

- Michelle Chisholm
Director of Operations, V!VA Retirement Communities

"What a unique experience! I was able to have conversations with my peers about trends and challenges in Senior Living while learning about new and exciting industry-specific products. There were creative financial planning tools for our residents such as life insurance buy-out programs to a company that offered an easy 10 step process to selling homes quickly at fair market value. I was fascinated by the innovation that was presented by the vendors. The HEALTHTAC format is extremely organized and full of valuable networking, learning, teambuilding, and charitable components. Unlike traditional conferences, there was no time to get sleepy. It was a great two days!"

- Jonathan Hollinger
CEO/President, Pleasant View Retirement Community

"I would highly recommended attending this event if you want to invest in the relationships, contacts, and general knowledge of the Senior Living Channel. The HealthTAC conference is really focused and informational. I've already got leads, new accounts and new channels to explore and work with."

- Patty Price
Director of Hospitality, Global Views & Studio A

"It was delightful to meet the Senior Living executives and the format and structure of the HealthTAC event really helped facilitate that process."

- Christy Winter
President / QOAIS, Aptations
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